Berkshire Connections

Welcome to The Berkshire Connection site. My connection to the area is that I was born in the “heart of the Berkshire’s” Pittsfield, MA but moved to Syracuse, NY at an early age. When I traveled to Pittsfield for summer visits with my grandparents as a child, the road sign that told me I was entering Massachusetts meant I was indeed coming home. That ride up Lebanon Mountain and the sight of the countryside around never ceased to excite me and today thoughts of it still do. The area surrounding the Berkshire’s, New Lebanon, Renssalaer County and parts of Connecticut all have a connection to me, they are the places that have given me my roots. I hope that as you view this site you too will have a sense of coming home.

The first genealogy line is here:


Ingraham, Abigail Born: 02 Jul 1798Mother:Molly HowardFather : Jonathan E Ingraham Died: 12 Feb 1854Buried:   New Ashford, Bershire, MA

Ingraham, Abigail Born: 30 Aug 1761 Mother: Abigail Eddy Hathaway Father : Timothy Ingraham Spouse 1: Peter KingDate of Marriage : 25 Apr 1783 in Pelham, Hampshire, MADied: _______?

Ingraham, AlmonBorn: about 1831 Mother: Anna Howard Father : David Howard Ingraham Died: _______?

Ingraham, AlonzoBorn: _______?Died: _______?Buried:

Ingraham, BenjaminBorn: 15 Jan 1746Mother: Abigail Eddy HathawayFather : Timothy IngrahamDied: _______?

Ingraham, Betsey Born: about 1834 Mother:Anna HowardFather : David Howard Ingraham Died: _______?Ingraham, Deborah Born: 03 Jul 1763 Mother: Abigail Eddy HathawayFather : Timothy Ingraham Died: _______?

Ingraham, Elihu, Esq Born: 28 Feb 1792 Mother: Molly HowardFather : Jonathan E IngrahamSpouse 1: Olive MalloryDate of Marriage : 19 Dec 1813 in New Ashford, Berkshire, MADied: _______?Buried:   New Ashford, Berkshire, MA



My Name is: Lois M. Spatuzzi. Thanks to a family member for helping us find these records. If a surname is in your family tree, or if there are any corrections or additions, please Email me: send email . Thank you.